reaching the parts that other demolition equipment cannot reach

In demolition work sometimes you need highly precise and targeted equipment to tackle tasks in confined or challenging environments.

Responding to a growing demand from our customers for this type of solution in 2016 we launched our dedicated Concrete Cutting and Diamond Drilling division. This team provides high-precision and environmentally- friendly solutions to demolition challenges.

Diamond Drilling provides ‘pin point accuracy’ with smooth edges to ensure minimal invasiveness to other surrounding structures. Using ‘leading edge’ technology we are able to demolish concrete structures while maintaining structural integrity and keeping dust, noise and debris to a minimum. Reinforced steel bars can be Diamond Sawed ‘in situ’ and the overall waste produced in a more controlled way for excavation and collection.

We use our Concrete Cutting and Diamond Drilling equipment when operating in confined spaces, such as basements or underwater, where traditional equipment is inappropriate.

Another key benefit of this technology is that the machines operate very quickly and are virtually silent, making them ideal where noise pollution is a consideration, or for working adjacent to party walls and retained structures that demand a vibration free environment.

Diamond Drilling can also be implemented where large areas of concrete need to be removed (stitch drilling), while maintaining the integrity of the structure. Also Diamond Drilling is the most effective way to carry out demolition drilling in underwater scenarios.

Case Studies
Bridge Demolition - Abbey Wood

Econ was commissioned to demolish and clear a concrete footbridge spanning a four lane highway. Timing was critical to ensure that disruption to traffic and local residents was kept to a minimum.

Holland Lane East Bridge Demolition

Econ was called in to demolish the Holland Lane East road bridge, which passes over the railway tracks on the Oxted to Edenbridge line. Because of the need to minimise disruption to train services Econ were allowed a 52 hour window of access to the rail and road site and immediate surroundings.

TFL Rolling Stock Disposal

Econ was retained to dismantle and dispose of redundant rolling stock for a number of TfL’s rail subsidiaries, as part of the company’s vital programme of network upgrading and modernisation.

We found Econ to be talented and professional. We recently employed them to undertake some regeneration work to help us prepare for the building of our new Queen Elizabeth II Centre. Our experience of working with them was excellent. They were conscientious and efficient when working to a tight deadline and we have no hesitation recommending them for other projects.
I have worked with Econ on many projects within London Underground and Network Rail infrastructure. Econ have always been very proactive in their approach to the projects and have worked collaboratively with my teams from the very early stages. I would definitely recommend them to others
Morgan Sindall
Also evident was the pride the staff have in what they do and the care they take to work safely at all times and offer the best service possible to their clients
BAE Systems

The Econ team is very active and always looking for ways to raise money for these excellent causes, fielding competitors in challenges such as the London Marathon, the London to Brighton Cycle race and the Killarney Adventure race!

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